Lamb Meat (Mutton)

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The mild flavour of lamb or Sheep is preferred in most Western countries; the stronger flavour of mutton is considered desirable in many Middle and Far Eastern countries. Milk-fed lamb is especially delicate in flavour. The colour of the lean deepens as the animal grows older.

In the lamb it ranges from light to dark pink; in yearling mutton it is medium pink to light red; in mutton it is light to dark red in colour. The fat, soft and creamy white to pale pink in the lamb, hardens and whitens in older sheep.

Lamb predominates in the cuisines of Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East, commonly marinated and roasted on a skewer (shish kebab) or cooked with local vegetables. A classic Middle Eastern dish is kibbe, a mixture of ground lamb and cracked wheat.


  • hygienic quality
  • Delicious taste
  • Moisture proof packaging
  • Reasonable rates



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